An approach to healing that is holistic, profound, compassionate, and transformative

Energy Balancing + Intuitive Healing is a combination of techniques devised to stimulate, support, and fortify the body's innate capacity to heal. When the body's foundational energy system is in balance and alignment, we can:

  • address root causes of recurring illnesses, ailments, or disorders; 

  • release stuck emotions, inherited traumas, and harmful behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts;

  • recover a deep sense of ease, clarity, light, and well-being.

What can energy healing help with?

Alexa has helped people find relief from a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns including: ​

  • symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

  • side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments

  • sleep disorders​

  • slow-healing injuries

  • grief and loss

  • fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum concerns

  • poor concentration and memory problems

  • feeling stuck and disconnected from a sense of purpose​

90 minute initial session, $110

75 minute additional sessions, $90

30 minute remote tune up, $40

20 minute phone consultation, free

Student rate with valid ID, $75

Gift sessions and discount packages available

Alexa sees clients in Amherst, MA

and by phone around the world

**Starting June 29, 2020: In-person sessions will resume, incorporating state protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Learn skills and techniques to increase vitality, decrease stress, and recover balance, clarity, and ease. Presented in small groups for individuals and workplaces.

J.D., VP, MA

After one phone session with Alexa, my head felt lighter and I got a few days' respite from the headaches. It was pretty remarkable.

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Energy Balancing + Intuitive Healing
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