Join Alexa over zoom on the second Thursday of the month to:

+ balance and open the chakras to restore flow and vitality to your whole energy system


+ receive healing for individual and shared physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns 


+ ground, center, and clear your energy to bring your goals, intentions, and highest purpose into alignment

Upcoming 2022 dates, 8-9:30pm EST:

July 14

August 11

September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8

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Join Alexa over zoom to work in-depth on each of the seven chakras:

+ open, balance, charge, and heal individual chakras in-depth

+ receive healing for individual and shared physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns 

+ learn more about your own chakras and how to keep them clear and balanced

Upcoming 2022 chakra series dates to be announced

"I truly had the best night's sleep. OMG."

"I definitely feel lighter + less burdened."

"The third chakra and throat were such a relief... Ahhhhhhh..."

"The root chakra healing felt like being wrapped in the softest blanket"

A few details and explanations about group healing

We meet over zoom for a guided meditation and chakra clearing and healing. I work energetically on what shows up in the group -- physical ailments, stuck emotions, frustrating behavioral patterns, spiritual concerns -- and aim to leave everyone feeling centered, relaxed, energized, and inspired. 

What is special about group healing?

Working in a group creates a powerful collective resonance that brings an extra depth and intensity to energy healing. Whether you choose to actively participate -- ask questions, request attention for specific issues, share your observations -- or simply receive the healing energy quietly as a private experience, participants have shared that it's a profound way to spend 90 minutes.

Who may join?

Any and all are welcome! Just bring an open mind.

Participants are capped at 12. Donation of $5-$20 requested. 


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