Alexa is amazing. In all of the sessions I've had with her, I've come away with a deeper understanding of myself, my body, and the stresses and feelings that I carry with me. Alexa has a very calm manner and, as a person who does not sleep easily, I find myself deeply relaxed when Alexa treats me. I have felt significant shifts in my body after she's done her magic and I always walk away feeling lighter, unburdened, and with new insights. She is a talented healer and I have recommended her to many people who have, like me, returned to her many times.

J.H., Author

Washington, DC

I've had two remote sessions with Alexa and I can't say enough good things about her. I was admittedly skeptical about the 'remote' aspect but it was clear from the start that Alexa was already tuned into what my issues were before I even spoke about them. I felt a deep connection with her on both occasions, and her advice and follow up recommendations have helped me immensely. After both sessions i felt lighter and more balanced, and am already looking forward to doing another. I highly recommend her!

S.L, Product Manager

New Jersey

Alexa has a very grounded, clear and direct presence. Her energy work is subtle and profound and deeply healing. She also gave me very interesting and useful images to work with after the session, things that she had become aware of and worked with during the session. I left feeling whole and confident in a way that I had not known I was not feeling before.

V.G., Artist

Amherst, MA

My experience with Alexa was really amazing. She was nurturing and attentive. She held space for me to be open and honest. She was a good listener and asked good questions. I felt very comfortable and supported by Alexa's healing method. Her debriefing afterwards was extremely insightful and helpful. I left Alexa's feeling amazing - relaxed, clear, and light. I learned and gained a lot from this experience physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A.S., Undergraduate student

Washington, DC

One day, my colleague arrived at work downright radiant, smiling from ear-to-ear. When I asked her what had happened, she raved about this "intuitive healer" she had just visited, a woman named Alexa de los Reyes. The first healing session had been so astonishingly helpful that she kept exclaiming, "It was amazing, it was amazing!"


I was a little skeptical, but the distinct change in my colleague's demeanor, her newfound effervescent joy, convinced me to see Alexa myself. 


I visited Alexa the following week and, like my colleague before me, was astonished by how profound the healing was. I could gush, but words seem cheap when contrasted with the relief, richness, and gratitude in my heart. I went into the first session with Alexa doubtful that the price would be worth it, but willing to give it a try; after the first session, I immediately purchased a series of three more. If you are feeling bad and don't know what to do or where to go, if perhaps you even think that no one in the world could help you get better (as I did), then I highly recommend you contact Alexa de los Reyes. You might be amazed and grateful that you did.

T.Y., Policy Analyst

Washington, DC

Alexa has worked her healing magic on me several times now. Each time I get up from her table I am re-energized, my mind is clearer, and I see the world through new eyes. PLUS I feel more joyful, confident, and centered. I highly recommend Alexa--she has a true gift that everyone deserves to experience. 

E.J., Certified Chef and Nutritionist

Washington, DC

Alexa gave me a beautiful phone session -- I walked away with a lot of insight into how to step into a new phase of life. I highly recommend her as an energy worker!

M.M., Life Coach

Dominican Republic

If you are interested in energy healing, or are just curious, I highly recommend Alexa. I've had 2 sessions now, both which have been incredibly insightful for me. The first was in person, and the second was remote. In both sessions, Alexa was able to sense areas where I was blocked/needed energy flow and worked with those through her practice. Also, through dialoguing with me after, we talked through what she saw during the session, and how they resonated with me as areas in my life that need growth and attention. Alexa was able to give some ideas about attending to these areas, and was able to give them in a way that felt truthful but not prescriptive--she definitely works with you toward balance and healing. Alexa is clearly well trained in honing her gift--she is a wonderful combination of being wise and calm. I look forward to future sessions!

C.P., Registered Nurse

Washington, DC

I have had experience with two different energy healing modalities before, but my session with Alexa was unique and an extremely powerful experience. Alexa has an innate ability to hold space in such a way that felt safe and sacred, which allowed me to fully surrender to her healing gifts. This is a subtlety that cannot be overstated. I can't express enough how grateful I am to have experienced her healing. I am seeing and feeling the results in my daily life and it is such a joyous and liberating blessing.

A.A., Dancer

Arlington, VA

I came to Alexa unsure of what specifically was ailing me -- but knowing that I felt stuck in a series of bad behaviors. Unlike my life just a few years ago, when I reached out to Alexa I was suffering from low energy, unpredictably moody and critical, chronically overeating, and just not living my best life. My first session with Alexa was truly an awakening. Unlike my experiences with talk-therapy, the results were almost instantaneous. Within a week of our first session, I was feeling more in control of my negative behaviors and had energy levels higher than I'd seen in years! Alexa's grounded and practical approach to wellness, rooted in a spiritual connectedness that's customized to my own energy patterns, is unparalleled -- and worth every penny. 

C.L., Mental Health Research Policy Specialist

Washington, DC

I had one in-person session with Alexa and have done several phone sessions with her. I’m a regular user of acupuncture, herbal treatments, and chiropractic work, but I have been skeptical of other New Age healing practices. Alexa, however, is truly intuitive. After my very first session with Alexa, she perfectly diagnosed my conditions and manifestations in almost an identical way as my Chinese-trained practitioners, but using her own language, based on chakras. My husband read Alexa’s diagnosis of my physical and emotional conditions, and said it was like reading an intimate account of me, written by someone who has been treating me for years.

E.C., Art Marketer

New York

I am amazed at Alexa's connection to Light, and the energy that flows from her to me during a healing. Her light touch and healing insights allow me to go deeper, to connect with my inner guidance, and to find a peace and calmness that lasts beyond the session. I recommend her to all those looking to expand their awareness and heal.

G.R., Retired IT Manager


I come from a family of spiritual healers and grew up in a community whose practice of pre-Colombian traditions of herbal medicine and spiritual health were part of eating and breathing. Yesterday, I placed myself in the hands of Alexa de los Reyes. After the session, I accomplished what I have not done on my own with Yoga, praying, and healthy eating for the last past three years. My mind was clear, my legs were painless and an intense urge to reconnect with my mother, who I have not talked to for a year, came to me. I feel strong and flexible in my mind, in my heart and in my body. Muchas gracias Alexa desde el fondo de mi corazón.

B.R., Biologist

Washington, DC

My session with Alexa did two powerful and vastly different things. One, I was sick with a head cold, and during the session my chest and sinuses opened. I left being able to breathe. The second, completely unexpected effect, was an immediate feeling of emotional lightening. I had a writing deadline later that afternoon, and I arrived at Alexa’s thinking about my dad and mentally writing about his death. After the session Alexa told me that there had been a presence in the room—an older man who was happy, laughing. The following week, when Alexa saw a photo of my dad accompanying my piece online, she identified him as the figure in the room. This idea is kind of “woo woo,” but every once in a while something like this happens that pushes me to believe we are all connected.

Washington, DC

I've been asking Western medicine to resolve my migraines for 20 years, with little success. After one phone session with Alexa, my head felt lighter and I got a few days' respite from the headaches. It was pretty remarkable.


Boston, MA

Alexa’s heart-centered approach ensures that our sessions always allow me to reconnect with my own heart and my essence. Her gentle touch delivers a profound and lasting energetic and emotional experience. Her ability to perceive the energy bodies and chakras contributes to a multi-dimensional healing experience that I highly recommend.

S.B., International Consultant

Washington, DC

I booked a session with Alexa because I was feeling unusually "blocked" and disconnected, and although I've never done anything like this before, my wife thought I would benefit from Alexa's approach. Alexa was great at explaining her methods and letting me know what I should expect. During the session she was very intuitive at reading my energy patterns. I could feel tangible changes as she worked to rebalance my system, including what felt like an enormous weight being lifted. After the session, I felt healed and lighter. I had more clarity and I felt back in line with the Universe. I highly recommend Alexa.

K.N., Photographer

Washington, DC

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