• Alexa de los Reyes

Tangled up and blue?

During quarantine I've been gardening, and I recently cut this tangled trunk out of a sprawling juniper bush in my yard. Right away I saw it as a heart, with its reddish tint and twisting branches forming what look like valves, ventricles, and even arteries. Not a Hallmark heart; a powerful, gnarly, vital, weathered dynamo.

I could commiserate with this juniper. These days don't we all feel like our hearts have been battered and wrenched out of our chests? That our deepest selves have been exposed and made vulnerable?

Of course, despite its appearance, this wasn't actually a heart, just a tangle of branches that were inhibiting healthy growth. The bush now looks like a much diminished version of its previous self, and yet I know pruning it will allow it to become stronger and more vital.

This metaphor translates directly to people. We often get stuck holding on to mental constructs, emotional reactions, and behavioral patterns that perhaps once were essential and life-giving but over time have become constricting and needlessly drain our energy. Some energetic "pruning" can do wonders to restore vitality and promote growth.

Interestingly, I frequently perceive botanical imagery enmeshed in people's energy fields. The first time it happened, years ago, I pulled what felt like Jack's beanstalk out of someone's field -- a thick, bright green vine that seemed to go on for miles. By the end I was sweating and a bit startled. What was that? Before I shared what I had perceived, the client described feeling like a heavy weight had been cleared from somewhere deep inside. She felt lighter and like she could breathe more deeply.

Regardless of my own interpretation of what the beanstalk was, when I energetically clear these kinds of forms from someone's field the person's overall vitality seems to get a real boost, just like after pruning a plant. Sometimes it feels like I'm pulling out something from its root, or breaking off dead branches, or disentangling invasive vines; one time it felt like I had to hack through Sleeping Beauty's wall of thorny brambles. In each case, afterwards the person felt clearer, lighter, and had the overall relief that comes from shedding something old and constricting.

During this intense and vulnerable time, I would love to help you do some energetic pruning to recover some of the space, energy, and vitality you need to thrive.

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