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Stop me if you've heard this one before

Back-to-school season is my favorite. Like the busy bees in the photo, I generally feel more focused and productive now than at any other time of year. And yet as my busy-ness increases, often my self-awareness practices decrease; a vicious cycle in the making.

I like to recall the zen proverb: "Meditate daily for 20 minutes, unless you're too busy; then you should meditate for an hour." Solid advice. However, I also recognize how much of a challenge it can be to schedule "one more thing."

If you're feeling like busy-ness might be taking you over, sometimes taking just a few minutes to reset is enough. I invite you to try these three energy balancing exercises below. I have shared and recommended them often because they are quick, simple, and effective ways to reset the body, mind, and spirit towards balance and clarity. You can do them at your desk, in a car, in a bathroom... really, anywhere and anytime.

Do you have 5 minutes right now to reconnect to your center, clear some congestion, generate some energy, and feel better and more focused? Give them a try! These are also great to do with children -- please share with any back-to-schoolers who might benefit.

Also, this month I'm adding a new daytime online group healing session. Details here!

Donna Eden's "The Four Thumps"

This simple exercise gets energy moving, clears stagnation, takes just a minute, and can be done anywhere. Perfect for a mid-morning slump. Using the pads of three fingers on both hands, begin tapping on your cheekbones while breathing in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth three times. Then move on and do the same on the points in the image: in the divots beneath the collar bones, then in the center of the sternum, like Tarzan, and then on the sides of the ribs about four inches below the armpits. Finish with a few deep breaths. More detail here.

The Crown Pull

This exercise is great for clearing pressure and fog in the head. Place your thumbs on your temples and fingertips in a vertical line in the middle of your forehead. Pull fingers out to the sides while pressing in, like you're prying open your forehead. Continue this same motion--press in and pull open--up and over the midline of your skull, pressing in and pulling apart until you reach the base of the skull. Let your arms hang off the sides of the neck for a few breaths. Finally, tap gently all over the top of your head with your fingertips.

FiIl Yourself Up with Yourself

Imagine that there's a lightbulb inside your chest and a dimmer knob sticking out. Grasp the knob and begin to slowly turn it to the left, or clockwise as if you have a clock on your chest facing out. (I actually use my fingers to turn an imaginary knob, but you can also just visualize it.) As you slowly turn the knob imagine the bulb becoming brighter and brighter, radiating through your chest, torso, and eventually filling your whole body with bright light. Imagine this light is your deepest, truest, highest essence, and when it fills you up you become buoyant, brilliant, and impenetrable. Allow a smile to come to your lips as you bring this gift of radiance to the rest of your day.

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