• Alexa de los Reyes

For each other, for our ancestors, and for our kids...keep going!

This little Charlie Brown tree in my neighborhood makes me smile every time I walk past. It says to me, you can do it! But at the same time, I wonder if it's about to fall over -- can it really hold up? The tree seems symbolic of this strange holiday season, when so many people are trying to keep traditions going while hanging on by a thread.

Are you finding yourself out of gas for the last big push of the year? Now may be the time to give energy healing a try. Leave the heaviness of 2020 behind and enter the new year with clarity and light! Here I answer some common questions about energy healing if you're intrigued but uncertain. And I'm always happy to discuss. As a reminder, for the rest of this month I am offering a little something extra for gift-givers: Purchase an energy healing gift session for a loved one and I'll offer you a complementary 30 minute chakra clearing and balancing phone session. Your loved one gets a profound and transformational experience and you get a revitalizing treat, customized to your needs and preferences.

I also wanted to share this song for anyone in need of a touch of inspiration and ingenuity. I first came across it in October, and now it seems to run on a loop in the back of my mind. It's funny and unexpectedly moving and speaks directly to this complicated moment in time while transcending it. Click below to be transported by some mysterious midwestern hipster folk wizardry.

Doing the work to heal ourselves, to deconstruct destructive behaviors and patterns, to release harmful and painful constrictions that hold us back, and to learn how to be fully available to the present moment is a gift for each other, for our ancestors, and for our kids... Keep going!

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