• Alexa de los Reyes

How is this spring different from all other springs?

There's nothing quite as inspiring as tender spring blooms pushing their way through frozen dirt and debris. New life! Bright colors! The return of birds and bees! Though this year it feels different, doesn't it?

Signs of hope and optimism are all around, yet a full year of quarantines, shutdowns, political turmoil, and widespread tragedy has made people understandably wary and suspicious. You might be experiencing the surging energy of spring as jarring and destabilizing. If you're not quite feeling ready to shed protective layers and unfurl your petals, you are not alone.

One practice that can help us ease into this transition and become more open to the inspiration and vitality of spring is space clearing. After spending more time than ever in our homes this year, we've all noticed how much more we have to clean. This is true of the energy in our homes as well -- our emotions and thoughts leave imprints and residue that accumulate over time and can keep us feeling mired in the past.

Has your home been host to any particularly intense emotions or experiences this year? Have there been moments where the air was "thick" with tension, fear, anger, grief, or rage? Of course. Most cultures and religions have some version of a spring cleaning ritual, and this is a perfect year to take it up a notch by tending to the energy in our homes. Below are some of my energy clearing tips.

How I Clear Space

I use a few different techniques to energetically clear space. Many cultures use burning sage or other herbs to purify the air with smoke, though I prefer to use sprays. I love this locally made room clearing spray, and I've made a few versions of my own using essential oils like cedar, lemon, sage, and palo santo.

To clear a room, I first take a moment to get centered and set an intention to clear out anything old and lingering and to welcome in only fresh, clear, vibrant energy. Then I spend a bit of time sensing what in the room feels "stuck" or "off" or like it needs some attention. I might move around some objects or furniture, clear out piles of junk, empty trash, and do some surface cleaning of dust or other debris. The room doesn't have to be physically "clean" in order to clear the energy, but it certainly helps.

Next I open all windows and doors then spray generously with the clearing spray (or burn a smudge stick), spending extra time in areas that have gotten intensive use, like beds, chairs, and desks, following my intuition. After spraying all over I go through the space and make sound, usually clapping or shaking bells, up and down every corner and in nooks that feel stagnant. Then I sweep around through the air with a broom, a duster, or even a scented cloth, to encourage movement and circulation and break up any remaining residue.

I spray myself then leave the room to clear and settle for a bit before going back and reassessing. If I still sense a lingering "something" I will go back through the clearing process and sometimes employ intuitive energy healing techniques as if the room were a body (I'm happy to discuss if you are curious to learn more). I wrap up the process by expressing gratitude for a clear and light-filled space.

Doing periodic space clearings can make a big impact on how it feels to be in your home. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes!

May we all emerge safely from this strange and precarious winter with fresh inspiration and motivation!

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