• Alexa de los Reyes

Got 1.21 gigawatts?

When you look back on your life, can you identify specific experiences, decisions, or encounters that set you on your current path? I often wonder how many life-defining, watershed moments we each have. One or two? Fifty? Hundreds?

If we believe Back to the Future, which I recently re-watched with my family, every little action we take creates a cascading effect that can dramatically alter the course of our life. But how many of those actions and choices impact us in a deep way? How many together or singularly determine our unconscious beliefs about what we are capable of, what we deserve, and what the world has to offer?

In the movie (spoiler alert!), George McFly gets a do-over of his past and knocks out Biff the bully with a lucky punch. His sense of self gets re-wired: where once he was weak, wishy-washy, and incapable of taking a stand, suddenly he realizes he can be bold, decisive, and powerful. That one impulsive action transforms his life completely.

As children we might have thought that we would be granted endless opportunities to make better choices and change our circumstances. However, as we age we can get bound more tightly to unconscious beliefs about who we "really" are. They guide our choices and get reinforced because they distort our perception. We might stay that way for life if not prompted, encouraged, or forced to challenge and question what we hold to be true about ourselves deep down.

While we might wish to go back in time to change how we handled certain traumatic or impactful events and experiences, to revisit and revise the story of our past we don't need a Delorean and 1.21 gigawatts. We hold the record of our past in the present; what guides, informs, and constrains us is all held in our energy field. We can work directly with those imprints and resonances and transform them, thereby releasing "binding beliefs" and opening ourselves up for new, inspiring mindsets and possibilities.

If you're feeling stuck in a version of yourself that no longer fits, or if you have an inkling that your core beliefs could use some updating, working with energy can help bring light and space to those rigid areas. Get in touch to discuss!

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