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Over the years my healing practice has grown mainly from satisfied clients sharing my name with others, which is very gratifying. However, I know there are many more people who would benefit from this profound and transformative work who might not know about or consider energy healing.

It's not easy to explain what I do, especially if you've never experienced it or anything similar. If you're wondering whether energy healing would be a good fit for you or a loved one, below I answer some common questions and talk a bit about some of the results my clients have experienced from our work together.

Why do people seek energy healing?

Our dysfunctional health care system often treats people like a jumble of disconnected parts and focuses mainly on suppressing symptoms rather than seeking root causes or finding preventative approaches. More and more people find themselves bumping up against the limits of what Western medicine can provide. Holistic approaches like energy healing recognize the complex interconnectedness of the mind and body and tap into our innate capacity to heal. Rather than just mitigating disparate symptoms, energy healing aims to correct systemic imbalances that are at the root of many illnesses and ailments. Energy healing is complementary, non-invasive, non-medical, requires no special tools or products, is deeply relaxing and supportive, and can bring profound and lasting healing and transformation.

What do people experience in a session?

In addition to what clients have shared in these testimonials, the following results have been attributed to our energy healing sessions:

  • a deep feeling of inspiration and renewed sense of purpose

  • pain relief (from headaches, old and new injuries, chronic conditions, mystery ailments)

  • stress relief

  • new-found energy

  • the feeling of being fully seen

  • clarity around seemingly undiagnosable health issues

  • self-compassion and understanding

  • relaxation and rejuvenation

  • self-awareness

  • insights into the roots of harmful behavior patterns

I am a talk therapist / massage therapist / medical professional / holistic practitioner -- which of my clients might benefit from your work?

Energy healing is complementary to other therapies and treatments in that it strengthens and supports the body on a holistic, systemic level. I work with people who:

  • need support recovering from surgery or invasive medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation)

  • have frequent recurrence of the same illness

  • are not able to change their harmful behaviors

  • are feeling stuck

  • are experiencing symptoms that don't seem to have a medical cause

  • have not responded well to other treatments and approaches

  • are seeking a deeper understanding of their self and purpose

  • feel depleted and unsupported

What is the difference between what you do and Reiki?

Reiki is a particular school of energy healing based on an ancient tradition from Japan. Not having studied it I can't get into specifics, but I believe it is similar in the way it supports the body's innate healing capacity. My approach is rooted in Barbara Brennan's understanding of the chakra system and energy field. Over the years I've developed abilities to "read" and interpret how traumas, injuries, and imbalances manifest in the energy field. Guided by intuition and high sense perception I use the various techniques I've studied over two decades to clear, charge, and balance the system.

How does energy healing work on physical pain and injuries?

All matter is comprised of energy, and the physical body is just the densest expression of our expansive energy field. Healing the energetic blueprint can dramatically accelerate physical healing. I've had success working with broken bones, infections, old injuries, and chronic conditions. And of course, physical and mental health challenges are made worse when our energy is depleted or out of balance, and energy healing can bring our system back into alignment, fortifying and reinvigorating our innate healing capacity.

Do clients need to "believe" anything in particular to benefit?

Aside from being open to healing, there is no particular belief, experience, or preparation required. Some of my most committed clients are avowed skeptics who are simply glad to get the results they've been seeking.

Do you work with children?

Yes, children generally respond very well to energy healing. Our sessions are shorter and are adapted to the child's age and temperament.

How do phone sessions work?

I realize that this might require a bit of a leap of faith for some. I can tune into anyone's energy field as long as I have their consent, and I am able to sense what's going on and work with their energy without being in physical proximity. Some recent examples include identifying a triggered childhood trauma, untangling a harmful relationship pattern, and soothing an irritated nerve issue. I write more about the process here.

Do you have additional questions about energy healing and my particular approach? I would love to hear them!

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