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A little less conversation

Many people have come to their first session with a common refrain: "I know what the issue is, and I'm tired of talking about it, I just want to move on."

After working with therapists and other health professionals over time, we can become well-versed in our deficiencies, tendencies, triggers, traumas, and patterns. Yet awareness and understanding does not always translate into growth or change; the mind might be ready to move on while the body is still holding on to the past, repeating unconscious and unwanted reactions and patterns of behavior.

To truly be able to move on, we may need to release deeply held energy blocks -- stuck emotions, fears, memories, or traumas that remain imprinted in the body.

Emotions are energy, and ideally they flow freely through us. When we try to repress, belittle, or ignore them, especially when they are painful, frightening, or traumatic, they can become stagnant and stuck in our fields. Talking can be cathartic, but talking alone might not reach the deepest layers of a block. Fortunately there are other ways to get that energy to move.

Some stuck emotions can be released through movement, even without any particular awareness of the what/where/when of the emotion itself. Vigorous whole-body exercise is particularly healing for those high on the emotional intensity spectrum who have a lot of excess emotional energy to discharge. Contemplative and intentional movement like yoga or conscious dance can help release constriction and stagnation for the hold-it-all-in types. I highly recommend the practice "Shaking the Bones" as a nightly ritual for cleaning out emotional debris from the day. I wrote about a few other useful practices, such as Kundalini shoulder shrugs, here.

However, when fear, resentment, guilt, or shame are deeply held, guarded, and protected, those become highly charged energy blocks that can be difficult to fully release through talking or movement alone. Energy healing, working on the level of vibration, can be an effective way of locating these blocks in the field and bringing them to light. During a session the body reaches a profound state of peace, and in this state the body is able to gently release blockages and recover flow and alignment. It is not necessary to have any awareness of the emotion in order to release it and be able to move on.

If you're feeling called to find relief, clarity, and harmony on a profound level, I'd love to work with you.

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