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Time to clear and recharge foggy minds and bodies

Foggy landscape

As winter weather drags on, I've noticed many of my clients are feeling foggy and unfocused, with low, stagnant energy. In this state we are more susceptible to illness and injury, and our best laid plans and goals can easily get derailed. With spring supposedly just around the corner, it's a great time to begin clearing out any mental, physical, and energetic cobwebs that have accumulated over the winter.

Below are four simple exercises that you can do in sequence to clear out stagnant energy, find clarity and focus, generate some fresh energy, and then bring it all into balance. You can do the whole sequence in about 8 minutes.

First, clear congestion with Fold, Crown Pull, and Head Tap

This simple three-step exercise clears stagnation and helps with mental clarity. It's a good exercise to do while seated in a chair.

First, bend forward, folding your torso over your lap, and let your arms and head hang down towards the floor. Take a few deep breaths and with each exhale allow your back and shoulders to gently release a little deeper. Then roll back up slowly and gently.

crown pull

Second, place your fingertips in a vertical line in the middle of your forehead (as in picture) and pull them out to the sides while pressing in, like you're prying open your forehead. Continue this same motion--press in and pull open--up and over the midline of your skull, pressing in and pulling apart until you reach the base of the skull.

Finally, using your fingertips tap gently all over the top of your head.

Then, bring in focus, balance, and clarity with Figure 8s over the Eyes

Start by taking your middle finger (either hand) and place it on the bridge of your nose.

With eyes closed and breathing normally, begin tracing figure eights with light pressure over your brow, around the eye, across the cheekbone, back to the bridge of the nose, over the other brow, around the eye, across the cheekbone.

Continue for a few cycles then begin the opposite direction and continue for a few cycles.

Next, generate a fresh burst of energy with Donna Eden's The Four Thumps, which I wrote about here. This quick and easy practice can be done throughout the day whenever you feel a slump.

Finally, the Four Part Breath, -- breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, breathe out for four counts, hold out for four counts -- would be a great way to finish out this energy balancing practice. It helps calm and clear the body and mind.

In a previous post I wrote about how our bodies feel best when they're in touch with and in tune with nature. This is especially true during the change of seasons when we can feel particularly out of sorts. Read here for tips and suggestions.

I would love to hear how you feel after giving these exercises a try!

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