• Alexa de los Reyes

Getting squirrelly as the cold approaches?

As darker, colder days of late fall approach, some of us become energized and alert, like squirrels prepping their nests for the winter. Many others get irritable and lethargic; daylight disappearing at 4:30pm can really take a toll on moods and energy levels.

Energy balancing can help by clearing, charging, and resetting the flow of our whole system. When we're grounded and balanced we are more resilient and in tune with seasonal shifts.

A session before the holiday season kicks off can be particularly useful to help you:

  • Heal and clear old traumas, injuries, grudges, and resentments

  • Release pent up stress and anxiety that keep you from being in the moment

  • Replenish and fortify the immune system

  • Get support for your unique personal growth, healing, and transformation

My prescription for irritability, and any other low vibration mood, is to shift into a state of gratitude.

While it can happen spontaneously, we often have to make a concerted effort or, for the most profound and long-lasting benefits, a daily practice. In previous posts I described some simple practices that can help us activate this healing and uplifting state.

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