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Body knows best

One thing I have noticed in my work is that people often know exactly what is causing their pain, illness, or distress. It might be unhealthy habits, a trauma that hasn't fully healed, or a difficult situation they feel unable or unwilling to change.

Sometimes these problems are complex and entrenched and take time and effort to work through. I am always honored to help people in this important undertaking.

Other times our problems have simple, straight-forward solutions:

Ms. Flaherty has it (almost) right -- if you're not feeling well, try asking your body what it needs to feel better. Our bodies perform miraculous feats of healing every second we're alive. Our bodies can turn Peeps into energy! Our bodies are geniuses! Take a deep breath and ask your body, "What do you need?" Listen for an answer. You might see a picture, get a feeling, or hear an actual request.

I often hear the same requests, and they're usually very simple and doable: "Stand up straight, drink some water, put down the phone, and take me outside!" One time I asked, "Why am I feeling so foggy?" And I heard, "Stop with the Halloween candy." Right. Not rocket science, just an easy way to access information you may already know but don't necessarily know you know. The important thing is to get into the habit of asking. What does your body need right now? Is it something simple you can take care of right away? If so, do it and see what happens. Maybe your body needs to stand up and stretch, or do a few jumping jacks. Maybe it needs some chocolate-covered almonds. It would probably be happy to have some water and fresh air.

When you start honoring your body's simple and straightforward needs and requests you'll start to build up a more trustworthy communication channel. Then, if a time comes when your body has more complex and pressing requests regarding your health and well-being, you'll know to trust them. You might ask what you can do to get better sleep, and if you hear, "Quit that job," then you'll know to listen.

Is your body telling you that you need an energy balancing session? Get in touch!

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