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What do they see in you?

"Quickening" portrait by Alexa de los Reyes

The recently revealed portraits of the Obamas got me thinking about the ways we present ourselves to the world and how we're perceived by others.

Official portraiture aside, the subtle multi-sensory impressions we send out -- our "vibes" -- create a real-time energetic snapshot. We may carefully regulate our looks, our scent, our words, and our behavior to give a desired impression, and yet on an energetic level we might be unconsciously undermining or contradicting the effects we intend. Do you know what your energy is communicating to the world? How different is it from what you intend or hope?

The "vibes" we pick up from people contain all sorts of information, from subtle (she's having a bad day) to overt (he's a creep!) to unconscious (I'd rather sit over there). When I'm working with clients, I "read" the intricacies of their energy field to see where there might be contradictions or old patterns and memories that are creating a misalignment and are ready to be cleared.*

For example, someone might say they're ready to commit to new behaviors in a relationship but in their energy field they're holding on to past hurts or destructive thought patterns. Even if the person has already done some personal deep-diving, through talk therapy or some other means, and even if they have been able to intellectually understand and process those experiences, there can still be energetic debris cluttering their field. By clearing it we can finally fully get rid of those tendencies.

In other cases, when the pattern is still largely unconscious, I dig a little deeper to find the origin of the related wound or experience. I interact with these imprints in the energy field itself without analyzing or reliving anything, and when the root causes and their effects are identified the energy can be transformed and released.

This experience can be profoundly freeing. When we clear our fields of old, unwanted material we can more fully embody and express our highest selves.

*Note that this is done with consent and in a confidential therapeutic relationship.

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