• Alexa de los Reyes

Clearing out the gunk in 2018

The new year brings an undeniably appealing clean-slate, fresh-start vibe. A chance to leave behind unwanted habits and tendencies and welcome positive changes. Before we make any shifts, however, and especially if we want them to be lasting and profound, it helps to confront and clear out the stubborn residue of old patterns and behaviors.

Like driving with a grimy windshield, when our energy field is gummed-up with old emotions, wounds, and resentments we have difficulty seeing clearly and often end up stuck in predictable ruts. An energy balancing session can clear your "windshield" and also re-set your body's inner wiring to better align with your intentions. Please contact me to learn more about how my practice can support you and your new year's resolve.

Winter's quiet energy provides a much-needed opportunity to turn inward with kindness, slow down, meditate on the changes you most desire, and schedule a session! Thank you for sharing with anyone needing some extra healing and support.

"Clearing the Clutter" Exercise

If you're feeling a bit foggy, try this simple four-minute exercise. Demonstrated by energy medicine practitioner Prune Harris, it's a great way to quickly clear your energy.

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