I'm an energy healer who helps people find clarity, balance, and ease on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. 


For the past twenty years I have been learning how to "read" people's energy systems to identify areas that are blocked, congested, or otherwise out of balance, and honing techniques to help bring those areas back into flow and alignment. 

My first steps onto this path began in 1996 when I graduated from Harvard and moved to South America to travel, teach, and get some distance and perspective. I began to practice yoga and meditation and was led to take a life-changing course, the Silva Method, where I learned to access my intuition and "see" and "know" things beyond my five senses. This was transformative. It changed how I saw everything and set me on course to be a healer.


Still, it took many more years—while immersed in raising two sons, working as a writer, editor, and painter, and studying and practicing different holistic healing modalities—until I felt confident enough to openly share these skills and gifts with others looking for healing and balance. 

While living in DC I completed an intensive two-year training in Healing Light Energetics with the Healing Heart Space. In August, 2018 I relocated with my family to Amherst, MA, and I now see clients in Amherst center, in Woodley Park, Washington, DC and by phone all over the world.

​Embracing this calling has been an inspiring and humbling experience, and I am grateful to do this work.


Click here to find me on DaoCloud. 

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       info@alexadelosreyes.com   |   (413) 687-2016   |   409 Main Street #253, Amherst, MA 01002 

instagram: @lexrey

"Dismiss whatever insults your own soul; and your very flesh shall be a great poem,

and have the richest fluency..."   - WALT WHITMAN

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